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Off The Blue Couch

Off The Blue Couch

Off The Blue Couch

Off The Blue CouchOff The Blue Couch


 Off The Blue Couch is inspired by the life of Audua Pugh.

 Her journey of transformation from drugs and alcohol use, to sustainable recovery. 

She shares her college experiences, what she learned after an unexpected crisis and how she is working through the process. 

This is her story,

 presented through workshops; what she learned and the issues that got left behind.

OTBC has created 3 initiatives that can assist with healing and recovery, 

which promtes transformation and gives individuals and marginalized communities hope for the future. 

  • Healing & Recovery Workshops
  • Youth & Adult Partnerships
  • Creative Expression Workshops & Our Blog, "Waking Up Black"

Rusty & The Crew teach and train Recycling and Organics Recycling 

with the 

Waste Sort game and  Rusty's Rap.