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Off The Blue Couch

Off The Blue Couch

Off The Blue Couch

Off The Blue CouchOff The Blue Couch

The 4 A's of Daily Transformation

The 4 A's

is a 

Personal- Practice Model of Daily Transformation.

 Awareness, Acknowledgement, Attention, & Action

The focus of The 4 A's is to be intentional in our thoughts and behaviors while giving and being the best person we can be daily. 

Our Workshop Offerings:

Chocolate Cake for Breakfast,

Living through Being Broken,


What Superhero are You?

Other Workshops

Available Topics


  • How going to college changed my life?
  • Motivation, Affirmation, and Purpose
  • Audua's Story; How I got off the Blue Couch?
  • Change & Transition
  • Life is a Series of Memes
  • Broken


Filling In The GHAP

 Filling in The GHAP focuses on Societal and Structural Trauma that affects individuals in their interactions with others. 

We offer 2 workshops to date:

  • Awareness as a Bridge to Explore Differences.
  • Privilege & Trauma